SIR Boutique is

The Collective Platform for Jewellery Designers Worldwide +

The Jewellery Destination for Modern Women.

With an ever-evolving edit of sophisticated and distinctive jewels to create a style that is uniquely individual.


SiR takes inspiration from the most stylish women and dedicates itself on offering a unique collection of jewellery to the style-minded woman. Drawing in talented Australian and International jewellery designers, SiR places focus on "Statement pieces and the everyday staples to compliment each wardrobe." Within SiR's bold styling there is a sophisticated mix of finer jewellery, allowing our client to create layers and unexpected details.

Standing by the belief that accessories have the power to define an outfit, SiR provides the opportunity for each woman to create a look that is uniquely individual, and as beautiful as she is.

SiR prides itself on serving as a platform for jewellery designers and labels, both emerging and established, Australian and Internationally.

Welcome to SiR Boutique, we would love you to follow our journey