Spanish designer, Catalina D'Anglade travels extensively around the world designing and decorating projects in London, Madrid, New York and Punta Cana...

Her first collection is a tribute to New York City and its architecture.

The New York collection faithfully reflects the famous Skyline and the spirit of the city - earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces with character and personality from which you desire the moment you discover them. Created from Gold and Silver plated brass, they have been designed for a strong and sensitive woman - a woman who knows herself to be different, not one to follow trends, but instead creates them unintentionally and spontaneously. 

Catalina captures the energy of places and times, and projects that idea and thought into an object. She has the ability to immortalise the essence of beauty and share it with the world.

“A woman who continues to reinvent herself, just as the city of New York does."