Whilst living in Mexico in 2018, a country deeply rooted in craftsmanship, Elizabeth Davila began creating silver jewellery. Focused on the International Trade, Elizabeth then moved to her adopted city, Paris, to develop and grow her brand, Davila. Elizabeth trained at the Boulle School of Jewellery and has since then spent her days creating and pushing the Davila brand to great heights.

DAVILA speaks about authenticity, creation and sustainable materials.

From the form: a quote, a thought, a symbol.

In order to make the beautiful object emerge, a dialogue between the creator and the material begins.

DAVILA adorns your hand: rings to wear solo or in accumulation, your wrist: cuffs, bracelets or your entire ear: earcuffs.

DAVILA offers timeless jewellery, handmade, graphic and unique.

DAVILA draws its inspiration both from the symbols of its Mexican roots and from Modernism. His thinking is as authentic as his sustainable making. Sterling silver is his favorite precious metal. DAVILA also works copper and brass, plated with 3 micron yellow or pink gold and vermeil: solid silver having received a gold plating with a thickness of 5 microns).

Each jewel DAVILA is charged with a particular energy.

DAVILA offers "ornaments" or even armour that extend the body, reveal its power: aesthetic power, symbolic or even spiritual power.

With DAVILA, reveal your femininity and your power ...