Originally from the Normandy Coast, Northern France, Clemence Masson grew up in the open air, lulled by the singing of the sea. From a family where art and music had, and still have, an important place, it was from her Grandmother, Gisele, that she learnt the basics of sewing and developed her taste for manual work and materials.

The brand, GISEL B, was built over encounters and inspired by favourite things and travels from around the world. 

Far from the trends, GISEL B founder and designer, Clémence Masson, builds her collections as timeless, graphic and feminine pieces. Chic, delicate and minimalist, highlighted by the use of geometric shapes.

Each piece is designed and shaped into the idea that the GISEL B jewel can be worn by all, day or night, on a black dress or with jeans and white sneakers. It is easy to wear, fine jewellery. And from the vision that the GISEL B woman is not one, that she is multiple: at once wise and disjointed, timid and audacious, active and lazy. Like the modern woman, she is a bit feminist, passionate and sensitive to fashion and artistic creation.

The GISEL B workshop is based in Ardèche, in the south of France, and it is here that the brand is surrounded with the best craftsman. All pieces are drawn, created and assembled in house, with the focus being on quality, originality and creativity.

Each GISEL B jewel is plated in 24 carat gold allowing for longevity and life long treasures.