Hanna Dawson-Smith is the Owner, Designer and Maker behind Halo & Hurt.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the inspiration for her designs comes from so many adventures. With the love for the idea of adornment stripped down to its essence, hence a grandeur display of wealth and luxury designed to impress. Hanna's ostentatious approach to design is so true to own character; theatrical and demanding of her audience and a woman who loves to excessively do life! All of this is reflected in each Halo & Hurt piece.

Colour is also an important part to her designs. With the mix of metals; silver, gold, oxidised greys and blacks clashed with coloured gemstones and textures help to create her masterpieces. With a flamboyant love affair with costume and fashion, Hanna's always sticks to the motto, Bigger is Always Better!

Each piece of Halo & Hurt jewelery is crafted by hand with careful detail using a mix of old world techniques to new world style.