Seyoon Kim, a Los Angeles based Stylist began her career working on print advertisement, commercials, television and film in Los Angeles. It was then she noticed the misuse and excess of accessories, and how it can really make or break a look.  At the same time, she wasn’t overly impressed with anything on the market - meaning, she had something in mind but didn't see it anywhere.  So, she designed it herself. Within a week of creating this piece she was approached by an executive at BeBe Apparel inquiring about her design and set up a meeting with the VP,  which led to a collaboration with the company.  

After getting her feet wet in the designing process, she was hooked. She then went on to sell some accessories to boutiques in the Greater Los Angeles area, private clients in Beverly Hills, Bel-Air and London, while also creating bespoke pieces for celebrity clients.

Seyoon's design aesthetics are inspired by two places; Canada and California - where she has lived and loved. The brand namesake ‘Muskoka’ derives from a place north of Toronto that embodies everything 'Canadiana'. Similarly, she also gravitates to the design style of art deco architecture, in particular in Palm Desert, California.  Ironically, these places have contrasting elements of sharp geometric shapes with indigenous and mystic undertones that are the fundamentals to her creative process.

"I always try and create a product that works on a East Coast girl as well as the West Coast girl. I want it to have the bi-coastal influence because each style is so different, yet there are elements that are very cohesive. You only need one or two unique pieces to transform your look and make it transitional- that’s effortless styling.  Naturally, coming from a styling background I can’t dissociate the product and an outfit as two separate entities, it has to make sense together."