Meet Rebecca, founder and director behind Rebecca Scott Jewelry.

She is a Mama / designer / maker / slow fashion enthusiast..and sucker for all things creative, beautiful, and handmade. 

Ever since Rebecca was little, she loved creating with her hands...pencil drawings, crocheted doilies, friendship bracelets (which she would custom make and sell to her friends!), doll clothes, then starting in 5th grade, her own clothes, which she later wore strutting the halls of junior high like a runway.

It seemed only natural to study fine arts, and she moved to San Francisco to finish school and pursue a career in, well…something creative. By luck, she landed a stint in clothing design with a local designer which fed her love for all things handmade and fueled her lust for creating a collection of her own.

Perhaps most importantly, the experience opened her eyes to the value of female entrepreneurship, and the unique expression and voice women bring to the arena. 

But it wasn't until years later, and six months pregnant, that she discovered and fell in love with jewelry making. And she hasn't looked back. 

Rebecca Scott Jewelry reflects the creative life journey that has brought her here. Each step, from sourcing the materials, to hand picking each strand of gems, to designing, and then bringing the idea to life through beading, weaving and wire wrapping, owes a debt of gratitude to the earlier years spent exploring, learning and creating.

Forever cursed to be a perfectionist, she take pride in making each piece to exacting standards and hope that they are enjoyed and cherished for years to come.