Toyah Perry’s signature jewellery line is the culmination of her unreserved passions; Art, Design, Architecture and Fashion.

Toyah believes in the subtle, yet unequivocal power of adorning your body with pieces of art. Understated, yet making a statement, the pieces are designed to connect and resonate with you; each one is thoughtfully crafted, for you to love through your journey.

With ten years experience in Industrial Design, working in Accessory Studios from New York to Melbourne, Toyah Perry ventured out to offer an alternative to mass produced jewellery. Establishing her namesake label in 2015, Toyah perpetually perfects her unique design process, combining small batch casting with carefully hand crafted details. Her well-refined creations utilise premium materials collected from sustainable sources, constructed through low impact practices.

As a testament to individuality and sincerity, she produces no more than 100 pieces of each style. Toyah Perry creates these exclusive and unique designs, for the woman seeking something of her own.